What Might Happen if You Rediscovered the Bicycle?

What Are You Doing With the Rest of Your Life?

If that sounds like a reasonably good pick-up line, then you should probably be looking at an internet dating website instead. If, on the other hand, it reads like a simply question about the noble quest of your life, then congratulations. You’ve reached an age or stage where you are owning a part of you that wants to make a difference in the world, beginning with yourself.

Many of us spend lots of money on medical insurance, but health and vitality just can’t be bought at any price. Happiness, it’s just as elusive. The most effective and pleasant way to pursue them…health – happiness – vitality…is balanced on top of a moving bicycle. In 2014 I left the world of business and busyness to have more time for writing, speaking, and travel. It was one of those defining moments, a turning point. And, it led to my rediscovery of the wondrous invention commonly known as the bicycle.

I recently completed a bicycle ride across the USA. The journey took place in two stages over two consecutive summers. It was a triumph of will over skill. The western half began in Astoria, Oregon with a small group of like-minded cyclists during the summer of 2017. It ended at the Minneapolis/St Paul airport as I got on a plane back to Denver to attend an important family matter, my daughter’s wedding. It was within the fellowship of this small group I drank my share of beer, gained the confidence to repair a flat tire, and navigate the challenges that arise in the course of a day of the road.

The journey of the eastern half began about 350 miles to the west during the third week of July. A good friend and I wanted to experience the week long fully supported and well-organized extravagance known as the RAGBRAI, the bicycle ride across Iowa. When we reached Davenport and the Mississippi, David returned to business and work. I kept going, south and east, until I reached the US 76 bicycle route in Berea, Kentucky. It’s well-traveled bicycle route across the country with many hospitable places to stay over along the way. My bicycle and I reached Yorktown and the Atlantic Coast on August 25th, 2018.

It was great fun for me to put together this 2 1/2 video which documents the pictures of pith and moment that have become the highlights of the trip.

Traveling across the country on a bicycle is one way of making sense of the world, of bringing the physical, emotional, cerebral, and spiritual aspects of life into balance. Riding in nature balanced on a bicycle seat engenders poetic thoughts and images. It’s how and why I write.

There’s more to come. Thanks for your interest.