Icarus and the Wing Builder

We have known how to fly for centuries…

In the wellspring of wisdom that is Greek myth, a famous inventor and builder named Daedalus creates working wings. He demonstrates the possibility of flight. And he makes two pair, one for himself and another for his son. For Icarus, the wings feel like an elegant rite of passage. But for Daedalus, they are an invitation to hope.

The legend speaks of the father and son flying away together, across the sea on a beautiful warm day. But the myth ends with a story of a broken hearted father, telling his story alone after finishing the flight. But, this alternative history asks the question: Did anyone else actually see Icarus fall?

We seem to have collectively decided to stay on the ground ever since. But author Robert Case believes there is much more to be told. His latest book reveals the rest of the story.

Icarus and the Wing Builder re-imagines and completes the myth, revealing after all these centuries what really happened in the sky that day. The book is a compelling story of coming of age, self-discovery, and the power of hope.

An Alternative History and A New Mythology for the 21st Century

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