Rob on Santorini Island (2013)
Robert Case@RWCDenver

Author – Poet – Keynote Speaker

Robert Case once lived the life of an overfed, introverted lawyer in Littleton, Colorado, a single-father with a taste for journaling during the early morning hours before leaving for work. The kids were in high school, about to graduate. But then, Columbine happened. His days as an assistant county attorney were numbered.

Once the children graduated and moved into their own lives, he pivoted from work and career into creative writing workshops, improv shows, and community theater, including a leading role as Morrie Schwartz in Tuesdays With Morrie. Today, Rob advocates for living well at any age by searching for and revitalizing your inner warrior and following the light of hope, for bicycle adventure, and for reading often.

Rob’s latest project is titled: Cycling Through Columbine. The book is one-part memoir, another part travelogue, and a third part contemporary US history. Earlier works include: Icarus and the Wing Builder (2014), an entertaining tale of historical fiction inspired by the original myth but told from the perspective of the father. Daedalus Rising (2008) comes from the same wellspring of ancient wisdom, but the story is told in the third person.

His keynote is titled: Finding and Following Your Inner Warrior. In the spirit of Mark Twain, the presentation takes an entertaining and practical look at the best practice methods for emancipating children into adults in a country with a high tolerance for gun violence in public places.

In addition to a JD from the University of Denver, he holds an MS from the University of Utah in Geophysics, and a Geology degree from Allegheny College.

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