Robert William Case left the world of business to make room in his life for finding his voice and telling his story. Along the way he rediscovered the bicycle, restored his health and vitality, and reconnected with a slice of the USA that can only be encountered while pedaling across this great land at an average speed of slightly more than 10 miles per hour.

His muse seems to favor long bicycle trips, especially in the early morning. His touring bicycle is named Daedalus, after the renowned inventor of ancient Greece. Together, they journeyed across the USA in two stages, completing the western half during the summer of 2017 and the eastern half in 2018.

While the children were young and at home, he pursued careers first in Geology and then, as a advocate for children and the elderly. His JD degree is from the University of Denver. He also has an MS in Geophysics from the University of Utah.

In addition to his poetry and essays, Robert is the author of an alternative recreation of the Icarus myth, this one written in the first person by the inventor of the wings. The book is titled: Icarus and the Wing Builder. You can find out more wherever fine books are sold.