I am enamored with the self-propelled bicycle and the ways in which riding one can illustrate freedom. I love their elegant simplicity, and the feeling of balance that riding one engenders.

So, it doesn’t matter to me which pundit is saying what words, about the latest blip in the political process. (I’m a registered Independent and voted weeks ago.) Nor does it matter which wave of the COVID virus is adrift in the world outside our door. My partner and I are safe within. We keep each other safe, supported, and sane. For COVID is teaching us just how elemental human connections are, in real time, for the body and spirit.

We put on our masks before interacting with others. We do it out of respect, for them and for ourselves. COVID has lessons to teach us and the virus will threaten, for as long as it takes to learn them, these new but strangely familiar lessons with labels like integrity, the power of community, and kindness. And this, my version of the American dream.

I love the crafting of words into blogs, stories, books, and poetry. This is my vision for the American dream.