Robust Resilience

by Rob the Bicycle Poet

This third half of life...
            it is
            the sweetest part.
The time that adds...
           it takes away.
The time for
           finding your voice,
           and telling your story.
For the inner man or woman
           to come into alignment 
           with the outer, just the same.  
Not with words
           borrowed from Mark Twain
           or Shakespeare.
Tell the ones
           that come
           from your heart. 

I believe in the power of truth and beauty
            to guide us,
            along an ascending path.
The pace is measured,
             Not easily observed, except,
             for glimpses in retrospect. 
Watch out for the test,
             sometime in midlife.
             Because the path doesn't end.
Not even when the Sirens scream (Seductively beckon),
            Slow down, (Get out of the way.)      
            Think about retiring.         
But the body knows better, 
           "Better use it.
            Or lose it."
And, the heart beats on,
           Opening wider,
           Ready to receive...
Because the soul understands, 
           the time is at hand,
           to create something that lasts.

So it was that this poetry began,
           with a timely rediscovery 
           of the bicycle.
Today, taking a break
           at your bicycle speed
           might alter the course of your life.
A moment on the flowing tide which,
            when taken at flood,
            can lead on to renewed vitality.
Happiness doesn't come
           with fortune or fame.
           Health is just as elusive.
These fruits are sweetest in the pursuit. 
           And for that, the bicycle can be
           Your best friend.

January 2019

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