WARNING: This website is a product of the unique creative energy that can be generated by the confluence of age and experience. In this particular case the inspiration began during midlife as an upwelling from within and continues unrelenting into the present.

Warning: If you follow this website or even read its pages, you may find yourself placing your faith in the human potential for creativity and love, hope and optimism. You might even begin to look towards the fruits of your own creativity as the greatest legacy, instead of your 401(k).

But, before Rob could become a bicycle poet, he had to rediscover the bicycle. And before he could rediscover the bicycle, he had to unplug from direct deposit. But before he could unplug from salary, he had to become a trophy husband. And before he could become a trophy husband, he had to relearn how to trust and connect. But before he would feel the need for reconnection, he had to withdraw and go numb. And for that, he had to witness Columbine, and its aftermath.

Ride the Rockies 2019